Black Friday Sale Now On!

Black Friday week is here and Jet Towel are offering a free YEARS supply of filters worth £45 with every Jet Towel Slim purchased. Cleverly designed by Mitsubishi Electric engineers, our filters kill bacteria, not trap it, like other brands do. To claim this offer simply mention it to your sales contact when requesting a… Read more »

Master the Art of Noise Reduction

Master the Art of Noise Reduction. Three revelations about noise reduction in hand dryers. They say empty vessels make the most noise. The proverb can equally be applied to a person as to automatic hand dryers in public washrooms.

Smart hand dryer’s energy efficiency cuts cost of ownership

Facilities managers are a rare breed. Like most people they wash their hands several times a day; but, unlike most people, they are likely to think about the costs involved! Neil Butler of Mitsubishi Electric likes to help them by pointing out the modest energy consumption of his company’s Jet Towel hand dryers.

Colour selection can create just the right atmosphere

Bathroom décor can be a major contributor to the perceived ambience of a public building and the image of its occupants. Garry Lewis, Marketing & Communications Manager for Mitsubishi Electric says his expanding range of hand dryers make a discreetly elegant addition to any design scheme.