Silence is Gold SKA rated

University of London library benefits from Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towels The choice of a hand dryer can influence much more than the washroom environment. When The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), University of London, needed to replace other recently installed hand dryers that did not meet their noise requirements, they instead opted for Mitsubishi… Read more »

How hygienic are our hand dryers?

Covid-19 has made us analyse all of our hygiene habits and washing our hands is absolutely top of the list. It didn’t take long until we started to think about how we dry our hands too…

Can we talk about paper towels?

It is estimated that globally, paper towels result in 254 MILLION tons of landfill every year and that 17 trees are chopped down for every ton of paper towels made. Sustainable hand drying needs to be thought about with every refurbishment and new washroom design. Why use paper towels when electric hand dryers…

Black Friday Sale Now On!

Black Friday week is here and Jet Towel are offering a free YEARS supply of filters worth £45 with every Jet Towel Slim purchased. Cleverly designed by Mitsubishi Electric engineers, our filters kill bacteria, not trap it, like other brands do…

Master the Art of Noise Reduction

Master the Art of Noise Reduction. Three revelations about noise reduction in hand dryers. They say empty vessels make the most noise. The proverb can equally be applied to a person as to automatic hand dryers in public washrooms.